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You're so cute,
When slumber still clings,
Your sleepy eyes open,
And you mumble such nice things.
So vulnerable you seem,
When you're about to awaken.
That odd smile on your lips,
The glaze your eyes have taken.
Your body is so warm,
Wrapped in a cocoon,
You call me your little pest,
And ask me to stay until noon.
Sleepy affections,
When you're not quite here,
Your mind in the world of dreams,
Your body with me, so near.
At those times you seem so small,
Those times touch my heart.
I could curl up with you,
Until the day urges us to part.
:icons-eiji:S-eiji 3 3
Confusion into clarity,
Like water into wine.
A painstaking process,
The price of which is time.
Everywhere I look,
Question marks appear.
Even the most simple things,
Become confusing around here.
How does one accomplish,
Such a muddling feat?
Maybe I could close my eyes,
And listen to my heart beat.
Listen to my breathing,
Listen to my heart.
Listen to my soul,
As it tries to speak its part.
The answers are within,
Solutions to my heartache.
I simply have to slow down,
Listen, and then partake.
:icons-eiji:S-eiji 3 3
ID2013 by S-eiji ID2013 :icons-eiji:S-eiji 2 0
Mature content
Resident Evil: The Beginning. :icons-eiji:S-eiji 8 6
Mature content
.Candle.Wax. :icons-eiji:S-eiji 8 6
I.D2011 by S-eiji I.D2011 :icons-eiji:S-eiji 9 9
Once, you came to me for comfort.
Once, you needed my arms.
Those arms have become a prison.
Nothing but iron wrought bars.
Inside here, you struggle.
Trying to break free.
But I'm a selfish person.
I just want you to stay with me.
It's time to grow up.
These bars will bend.
I won't hold you captive,
I just want to be your friend.
Be free, little blackbird.
Spread your wings and fly.
As you soar without me,
There's a tear of joy in my eye.
:icons-eiji:S-eiji 16 3
I abused your trust today,
When I went looking through privacy.
I never meant to find them,
It was innocent curiosity.
The skeletons in your closet,
So white, and so pristine.
For hours I simply stared,
Trying to think of what they mean.
The whiteness of your skeletons,
Were marred with splashes of red.
The stains looked dark and old,
Unbelieving, I shook my head.
My fingers reached, trembling,
One of the bones, the tips brushed.
They felt tangible, but so frail,
Yet they remained beneath my touch.
Bringing the paper to my face,
My eyes began to see.
All of the pain and suffering,
You had kept hidden from me.
The skeletons in your closet,
Is your deepest pain.
Written on the paper,
To be relived again.
You wanted to keep them hidden,
That, I can respect.
And so, with painful motions,
I lay them back to rest.
:icons-eiji:S-eiji 19 16
As soon as you read the title,
You'll think this is going to be sweet.
I'm taking a moment to explain,
The other side of this feat.
There's a saying concerning love,
That it knows no wrong.
I suppose that is why,
To truly experience it, you must be strong.
Love isn't always that warm and fuzzy,
Thing that couples share.
It doesn't always feel so good,
It can make you completely unaware.
Love can be obsessive,
It can twist and writhe,
Snarling, sneering, suffering, seeping,
In the end, you mightn't survive.
It can be cruel, can love.
It can hurt you inside.
Rip you apart, shred your chest,
There is no-where you can hide.
Unrequited, it can be,
One sided, never returned.
Loving from afar is painful,
Every day you will feel the burn.
It can be destructive,
It can tear people in two.
Continue to destroy, again and again,
The only one who can stop it is you.
This is why, when people speak,
Of love in such grand terms.
I stifle a sigh and raise a brow,
As though nothing has been learned.
:icons-eiji:S-eiji 16 24
Circle, cycle, spiral shape,
This is the pattern you both make.
Constantly going round and round,
No other direction; not up nor down.
But there is something that one knew,
He, the stronger of the two.
He started to push; he wanted to break,
That circle, spiral, that they both shape.
The weaker did bend, he did lean,
To find other shapes could be seen.
They did not go round and round,
Here the answer was indeed found.
To help the stronger of the two,
Will be a challenge, that much is true.
How can one weakling, mostly alone,
Push something that is as strong as stone?
With enough effort, stone will move.
This is what the weaker one will prove.
I'll push you out and you will see,
Of this spiral, we will be free.
:icons-eiji:S-eiji 4 6
I.D.2011. by S-eiji I.D.2011. :icons-eiji:S-eiji 3 17
The rain. See how it pours,
Each little drop of silver,
Falling from the cloudy heavens,
To crash and die upon the ground.
Feel it on your skin,
Each tiny, ice cold kiss,
Caressing your naked flesh,
Dampening your hair, your clothes.
Listen to it's music,
The steady beat of rhythm,
It can be gentle and lulling,
Or it can roar with power.
It can be beautiful,
These small diamonds.
Creating brilliant color,
Cleansing the world.
It can be deadly,
This heavenly aqua,
Washing away everything,
Stealing away loved ones.
But next time it falls,
Listen to it's beauty.
Go outside and feel it's touch,
Watch the pattern upon the window.
Don't take it for granted,
Marvel in simplicity.
Beauty you never knew,
Until you decide to see.
:icons-eiji:S-eiji 4 1
The crowd was a writhing mass,
Figures dancing, twirling with glee.
Not one of those masked faces,
Did stop to look at me.
My face, of course, was covered too.
A mask of silver, with red glimmer.
Slipping through the close pressed pairs,
To the center of them, I did shimmer.
Just as I knew, there he was.
Waiting, his hand outstretched.
My trembling fingertips touched his palm,
Suddenly, he pulled me to his chest.
We were amongst the twisting bodies,
Spinning, wrapped so close.
I closed my eyes with the sensation,
The warmth that I loved most.
I didn't feel it at first,
That sudden, sharp pain.
Hot wetness seeped down my side,
Was it him that was to blame?
Downward, I slipped to the floor,
And it was there that I did lay,
This beautiful corpse, so silent, so still,
In the center of the Carnivale.
:icons-eiji:S-eiji 4 13
Most people look atop a spire,
For inspiration. Faith. Comfort.
Perhaps just to wonder what's up above.
No-one sees the gargoyle crouched around the symbol,
Watching, observing with a baleful eye.
Poor little sheep, It muses to itself.
So confused. Asking for guidance.
"We need a Shepard, or we are lost!"

A grin splits its lips, twisted and malicious,
As it holds onto the Holy cross mounted atop.
Do not look too closely at that steeple,
Or guided you will be.
But not by the forces of pure and good.
Something dark and dank, decaying and cloying,
May wriggle through the chink in your armor.
It senses your vulnerability,
It can smell your fear.
It's always watching you, from way up high.
Crouched around the symbol, atop the steeple,
Watching, waiting, with it's cunning eyes.
:icons-eiji:S-eiji 5 12
Mature content
.My.Suicide. :icons-eiji:S-eiji 11 15
There is one at either end of the scale,
The first is strong, while the other is frail.
One is joyful, the second filled with sorrow.
But the positions will be flipped, come tomorrow.
Every action paralleled, reflected within the other,
Think of them as sisters, or perhaps even as brothers.
Though there is no competition, no rivalry seen here.
One is confident; the other feels fear.
Look. The weak is strong, and vice versa now.
It has just swapped completely around.
See how they try to reach for each other,
Blind to the danger, never seeking cover.
Their fingertips touch, and their eyes meet.
There is something wonderful in the way they greet.
Something is running beneath their skin,
Something wonderful, frail, fragile and thin.
Although opposite, they are drawn to the other,
Gentle and tender, almost like lovers.
A strange affection, forbidden and bizarre.
But things worth keeping usually are.
:icons-eiji:S-eiji 7 11



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